Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Obviously, we’d be very happy to have you choose Maryland Home Exteriors for your roofing project.  But whether you do or not, we’d like to help you avoid making some of the mistakes that sometimes give our industry a bad reputation.  Here’s how to avoid costly errors.

Make sure your contractor is licensed, registered, and insured.

A contractor should have an address. This should go without saying, but a contractor without a physical location may be hard to track down.

Meet your contractor. A professional estimate tells you that a contractor has taken the time to inspect your home and has answered any questions you have. And you need to be comfortable with the people who will be working on your home.

Make sure that the contractor has insurance. Yes, it says “insured” above, but it’s so important we’ll mention it twice.  If a contractor doesn’t have adequate workers’ compensation coverage, you could be liable for any injuries sustained on your property.

A roofer should offer a roofing system. You want your new roof to last, and that means not only a high-quality shingle but proper ventilation, protection from ice damming and other factors. Replacing the shingles only is a recipe for a much shorter lifespan for your roof.

Knowledge and experience. If a roofing contractor has to call someone else to get your questions answered (or “call his boss” for a lower price), find another contractor.

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