Roofing Done Right, By the Roofing Experts

When you shop for a new roof for your home, you might feel a little like Goldilocks: some companies are huge, with prices to match.  Others are the infamous “Chuck in a truck” contractors, with no known address or resources.  You need the company that’s just right:  reliable, honest and reasonably priced.

Maryland Home Exteriors is locally owned and operated, licensed and insured, and we’re here to protect your home with more than just shingles.  We use a complete roofing system:  sure, your new roof will keep the rain out, but it will also protect you against the destructive ice damming so common to Maryland winters. And proper ventilation is also vital, to extend the life of your new roof.

What you won’t get from MHE … a long-winded, high pressure sales pitch.

For a FREE, NO-PRESSURE ESTIMATE on your roof replacement, call us at (443) 927-7013 or (888) 761-4049  during normal business hours or just complete the form and submit.

We look forward to working together!